Kumari Adds More To The Rumours!!

Despite featuring in a couple of Telugu films earlier, Gujarati siren from Mumbai, Hebbah Patel, has shot to fame after her bold acts in “Kumari 21 F” exploded big time on silver screen. She amassed a huge fan base and in no time became part of some interesting projects.

Ever since she acted with young hero Naga Anvesh in “Angel” movie, Hebbah actually started avoiding other offers, giving rise to many speculations. And then there are reports here and there that the 24-year-old girl is dating Naga Anvesh and the two are even planning to tie the knot. Keep the rumours aside, here comes a major twist.

After a lot of dillydallying and maintaining that she’s losing her weight to look sexier, Hebbah Patel finally signed a movie. Surprisingly she will be romancing Naga Anvesh again, in the film tentatively titled “Ee Nimishaniki Yemi Jaruguno” which will be directed by newcomer Sri Krishna. The film will be shot in London and Hyderabad.

With Hebbah signing Naga Anvesh yet again, surely rumours are popping up in a new direction now. We have to see what the actress will say about it.