KVP going Viveka’s way ?

General public and politicians along with people in political circles can never separate KVP.Ramachandra Rao and YSR. Both are so united and used to work hand in hand that they knew inside out of each other. So it was a kind of huge surprise and shock when KVP decided to desert Jagan when he came out of Congress and floated a party of his own. This showed how power hungry people are and many felt even YSR brother YS.Vivekananda Reddy decided to be in Congress only to enjoy the fruits of power.
Everyone was shocked when KVP suddenly realised the treatment meted out to YSR by Congress party and the Govt doing away with the schemes and even the photos. He vented his anger and spoke furiously. Many started wondering whether he is going YS.Vivekananda Reddy way who till he enjoyed power, praised Congress, lashed out at Jagan for being unkind to the party which gave so much for his father and for his family. The moment he lost elections contesting against YSR’s widow Vijayamma, his reputation in the party diluted and suddenly he started criticising Congress for insulting YSR.
KVP till now maintained stoic silence and never spoke a word for all these years on insults by Congress party on his soul YSR and if suddenly he starts making noices no one will believe him. He should see the experiences of YS.Viveka when he tried to make peace with Jagan, he was not given the desired importance. KVP better realise this before treading Viveka’s path.