KVP secret deal with Jagan?

The relationship between KVP and Late CM YSR is known to everyone. Many times during YSR regime opposition parties alleged that KVP used to behave like extra constitutional authority and said that he had hand in all the scams. However after the death of YSR, much to the surprise of all, KVP chose to be with Congress and become the right hand man of Sonia Gandhi even when YSR’s son Jagan was ill treated and was subsequently made to leave the party. It was a shocker for all YSR’s supporters as YSR many times hailed KVP as his soul.
Many allege that KVP in order to save himself from all the cases his hobnobbing closely with Sonia and getting his things done. Even now in Congress YSR baiters like Hanumantha Rao and others hurl abuses at KVP saying KVP is having a secret pact with Jagan and that was the reason why he is still in Congress and working in a way that will be advantageous to YSR Party.
They allege that none will believe Congress High Command policy of hailing YSR and sending Jagan to jail on corruption charges. Many suspect KVP’s hand is there in this dubious policy of high command which is made fun even school going kid.