Lagadapati faces Anger?


Well, we’re talking about Jr Lagadapati and film producer Lagadapati Sridhar. It’s common knowledge that his recent release Suriya-starrer Sikandar was a debacle at the ticket windows leaving distributors and exhibitors in financial tangle. With the stupendous losses incurred, all the distributors who bought the film are now after producer Lagadapati. They’re accusing that Lagadapati hasn’t done good pre-publicity and post-publicity of the film which further threw them into losses.

If reports are to be believed, Lagadapati has bought the film for Rs 12 Crore and made a profit of Rs 2 Crore by selling it to distributors. Buzz is that director-producer Linguswamy has given Rs 2 Crore to Lagadapati only to promote the film in Telugu. Apparently, Sridhar spent only Rs 50 Lakh on the film and “pocketed” the rest. 

Distributors have complained to Linguswamy over Lagadapati but in vain as it all fallen on his deaf ears. Unable to cope up the losses incurred, few distributors have now lodged complaints in Film Chamber. They also made it clear that they see to it that no others will buy his next film. Now Film Chamber is going to call Lagadapati and trying to settle the issue amicably. Looks like, Lagadapati has to dig deep in his pocket and pay the price for the losses unless going gets tough for his next films. Let’s wiat and see.