Lagadapati Should Stop Acting Like Buffoon !

YSR Congress leader Jaleel Khan has said that Vijayawada Congress MP Lagadapati Rajagopal should desist from buffoonery and stop making wild presumptions.
Talking to the media here on Sunday, Jaleel disputed the allegation of Lagadapati that the YSR Congress candidates had won only because of the sympathy generated after the arrest of Jagan. He said that it was the support of the people and not sympathy that Jagan was commanding. He said that all the YSRCP candidates had got 30 per cent votes more than what they got in the 2009 elections.
He ridiculed the Congress party by stating that despite campaigning with the photograph of Sonia Gandhi, they won only two seats. He said that Lagadapati, who had earlier said that by-elections were not a referendum, should now state what he called them.