Lagadapati Supports Chiru !

Andhra octopus Lagadapati started the ‘bhajana’ of Megastar quite well these days. His illogical linking of the future of Congress party with Chiru’s minister post is an extension to his ‘bhajana’.
Lagadapti predicted that the troubles of Congress party will come to an end if they give Minister Post to Megastar Chiranjeevi. Is anyone finding any connection between the post and politics in state? ‘Had we given Chiru a minister post earlier, we have won more seats in the recent by-polls’, says Lagadapati. With many MPs and Ministers seeing the proximity of Chiru getting some ‘bigger’ role in Congress, they have started flattering him by giving him a ‘demi god’ status.
Earlier MLA Jogi Ramesh and Minister Raghuveera Reddy have done the same thing by praising Chiru to a max. Looks like, our hero is getting a post in Manmohan Cabinet soon and hence this ‘bhajana’ by everyone to woo him. But too much of anything will taste bitter, and our Vijayawada MP should put a full stop to it!