Lakshmi Manchu and Aadi escapes by a whisker

Lakshmi Manchu’s latest film Gundello Godaari shoot was going on at the banks of Godavari river in Chinchinada village. The movie unit had erected a set of 170-huts fishermen village in 21 acres land. The unit was shooting the floods scenes with around 250 artists and 20-cameras set-up.
Around 12:45 midnight, water from reservoir was released for a flood scene to be shot on Lakshmi Manchu and Aadi Pinisetti. When the gates were lifted, Lakshmi Manchu and Aadi Pinisetti were dragged the flood towards the river by 400 feet. The local fishermen reacted sharply and saved Lakshmi and Aadi.
Tapsee and Sandeep Kishan are the lead pair. Lakshmi Manchu is producing and acting in this movie. Kumar Nagendra makes his debut as director.