Lakshmi Manchu turns School Student

Actress-TV host-producer-philanthropist Lakshmi Manchu is a multi-tasker like her veteran dad Mohan Babu. Taking time out from her busy schedule, the newly turned mom is making time for other’s children as well. Manchu family, who also runs educational institutions, knows the exact significance of education and how it could directly influence a child. Lakhsmi is now a volunteer for “Teach For Change” is endorsing many others to join the bandwagon. 
Anyone who is interested could take it up and teach few hours a week voluntarily and help to lay strong foundation for the next-generation minds. The NGO has now come up with “Spare 2 Hours a Week” being endorsed by Lakshmi and the Gundello Godari star has donned school uniform sitting alongside kids. This is certainly inspiring. Great going Lakshmi.