Lakshmi Prasanna’s Village Fantasies Revealed!

She is known as the elegant celebrity of the Tollywood circuit and slowly she is also making her mark in the Bollywood circuit. She is none other than Lakshmi Manchu and here is something different about her.
Well, it is being noticed that Lakshmi has got a very different taste of life. The pretty lady keeps updating her social networking profile about having a Goli Soda or having Idli in a hut or Pesarattu at rural Andhra. While this sounds so unusual, here is a reason. It is heard that from childhood Lakshmi grew up in Chennai and that too in rich background.
Since she is roaming in the interiors of Andhra Pradesh as part of films she finds it very exciting because this is the first time she is getting exposed to village environment. Many are thinking why she is doing this but to those who have never seen it, this surely is exciting and that’s what makes Lakshmi love this ‘Village Fantasy’.