Lakshminarayana has Sent Me an SMS – Pawan Kalyan

Responding to the ongoing speculations that CBI former joint director VV Lakshminarayana would join Janasena, Pawan Kalyan has stated that he would like to welcome Lakshminarayana into Janasena if he is interested. Pawan, however, said that he hasn’t held any talks with Lakshminarayana so far.

“Two days before Janasena’s Mahasabha in Guntur (fourth anniversary meeting), Lakshminrayana garu had sent me a text message wishing me all the best. That’s the only conversation we had,” Pawan divulged.

Pawan sounded positive when the topic of Lakshminarayana came. Although Pawan tried to make it look like he hasn’t held any discussions with the former CBI joint director and Inspector General cadre of Maharashtra, the ongoing speculations in political circles indicate that Pawan is already in big plans and the stage is all set for Lakshminarayana’s entry into Janasena.

Pawan’s latest statement that he would like to welcome Lakshmi Narayana into Janasena if the latter is interested is now adding fuel to the existing speculations.