Law Makers turning Law Breakers

People who are entrusted with the responsibility of law making by public are fast turning into law breakers causing law and order problem to the same public in general. Many MLAs and MPs are known to be maintaining their own army, carry own weapons etc. Recently MLA and Minister Danam Nagender behaved in a high handed manner taking law into his hands and locking popular temple at the heart of Hyderabad. As if this was not enough he even abused SI Ramesh who was just doing his duty. Though complaint has been registered nothing happened in his case.
Even before People could forget the whole episode fire brand MLA of TRS, Harish Rao two days back hurled foul language on DCP Stephen Ravindra and even kicked constable who fell down while vacating the place filled with mob protesting rise in electricity charges at Vidyut Sowdha. Harish Rao sometime back got his case registered in Delhi for assaulting an employee in Andhra Bhavan, by reaching an agreement with the assaulted family. One is aware how agreements are reached by politicians.
Already people accuse politicians of misusing their power and allowing corruption across departments. They are accused of moving hand in hand with law enforcing authorities, sidelining honest officials. If these kind of incidents happen and with Ministers and MLAs go on assaulting top police or law enforcing authorities, even those officials who think of working will stop doing their duties.