Law Minister helping Looters

There is a old saying that to catch a thief one should employ a thief. Now a days public is of strong opinion that politicians and law enforcing authorities are hand in glove with criminals, anti social and more importantly anti national elements. Many cite this as the main reason for delay in justice and fanning of violence when everything looks normal on streets. They are of opinion that politicians incite violence to meet their vested political interests.
Every one received shock of their lives when it was found that CBI Judges received bribes worth more than Rs 100 crores to grant bail to key accused Gali Brothers in the mining scam. One of the arrested in connection with the bribe accused AP law minister Erasu Pratap Reddy as the key person who tried to get Gali Janardhana Reddy released on bail. However the law enforcing authorities quickly hushed up the matter and nothing happened later. Everyone now knew how the investigation slowed up in the entire process. Similar is the case of 26 GOs in which Dharmana is in deep trouble. Law Minister is trying to save Dharmana and prevent his arrest.
In the midst of all this he is putting grease paint on his face to star in a telugu film ant thus fulfill his dream of becoming CM at least on silver screen. He is making his debut on silver screen in a Jagapathy Babu’s new film under Nandam Harishchandra Rao’s direction. He will be seen in a special role as CM of AP!.