Law Minister looking elsewhere

Each and everyone is aware of the duties and responsibilities of Law Minister and his Law Ministry. When any law and order problem arises Minister will be held responsible. Such is the importance of the portfolio that he should be alert day in and day out. However current Law Minister of Andhra Pradesh Erasu Pratap Reddy seems to be having other ideas and is choosing to look else where. Public still can not forget how vandals acted going on a demolishing spree during million march or when lawyers held even High Court to ransom attacking and threatening even honorable judges. However Law Minister did not take any steps or try to make lawyers of his officials mend their ways and make the state safe zone for public.
According to latest information the Law Minister is making his debut in tollywood and is fulfilling his dream of becoming CM at least on silver screen. He is making his debut on silver screen in a Jagapathy Babu’s new film under Nandam Harishchandra Rao’s direction. He will be seen in a special role as CM of AP!.> The film’s shooting is currently under progress at Hyderabad and producers Jitta Surendra Reddy and AB.Srinivas say that the shooting will be completed by 28th of this month. Law Minister speaking on the occasion said the film revolves around current politics and how opponent political parties try to topple honest CM. Film includes Posani Krishna Murali, Sayaji Shinde, Rao Ramesh, RK.Sonia, Katti Kartika and others are in the film. MM.Srileka is the music director for the film.
Many feel that anyway Law Minister is aware that even if he throws some criminals in lockup, his political bosses will wake up or TRS party will start T agitation demanding release of the criminals and so he is not wasting his time. In the mean time he is at least realising his dream of becoming CM in real life before he puts his plans in action in real life.