Lawrence taking Dil Raju’s help in selling Rebel !

The name of Lawrence is doing rounds in Film Nagar from a long time for his ‘paithyam’ regarding Prabhas’ upcoming movie. Despite of breaking the coconut, the film is taking more and more days for completion.
Lawrence is saying each shooting day as the last day for the shoot of ‘Rebel’, but the movie is still not completing. A unit member revealed that the movie will take at least a month more to complete. Recently, Russian fighters are roped in to film a climax fight. Lawrence took this decision after seeing ‘Racha’ fight with Chinese fighters, the source adds. With the fear of distributors running away from this big budgeted movie for the exorbitant price quoted, Lawrence is now using Dil Raju.
This mega producer of Tollywood is made to bag the rights of ‘Rebel’ for Nizam, with a belief that other distributors will blindly follow him to buy this dance master’s product. Insiders say that Dil Raju lost his credibility after selling ‘Oh My Friend’ at a hiked price and his magic won’t work for Prabhas. Anyway, we have to wait till July to know the reality of ‘Rebel’ and Lawrence.