Lawrence Thinking Like RGV


There are no hard and fast rules in making of films and doing their business. Ram Gopal Varma is on a mission to overthrow the conventional mindset of film makers and audience there by welcoming the change. ‘Ice Cream, Anukshanam’ etc are such experimental attempts from RGV which seems to have got the benefits. Following this trick of RGV, here is Raghava lawrence luring the viewers with a show of two movies on one ticket.

Soon after the release of ‘Muni 3,’ this flick of ‘One Ticket Two Movies’ will begin with the shoot. The Tamil, Telugu bilingual will have two different movies, one in first half and one in second half. While Raghava lawrence is the hero in total movie, Lakshmi Rai and Andrea Jeremiah are heroines in respective halves. As public wants something new and short, sweet… hope this gimmick will work.