Leak: Rajnikanth Joining BJP?

The news about Rajnikanth entering politics is like a Twister tornado. You never know when it gets triggered and what direction it takes. But as always, our superstar passes the buck to God. But now, the scenario seems to be changing as some strong talks are making rounds about Rajini’s much awaited debut. 
According to few political analysts based in Tamil Nadu, in all probability, Rajini could join BJP and become the party’s CM candidate in the next Tamilnadu Assembly election. PM Modi is trying hard to conquer Tamil Nadu so Rajini is the most formidable weapon he would have. As it is, the new party of GK Vasan (son of Moopanar) could be an ally. 
For that matter, even if Rajini starts a party of his own, it would become an ally to BJP just like how TDP became in Andhra Pradesh. Some feel the Modi effect has given some food for thought to Rajini to take the plunge. Let us see whether the Thalaivar decides or looks up at the sky.