‘Let’s wage a war with KCR govt’ Revanth Reddy

Telangana TDP’s firebrand Revant Reddy one more time lambasted CM KCR while assuring the bereaved families of died farmers a ray of hope. As the TTDP carried out a Dharna against the CM KCR along with the bereaved families of farmers who had committed suicides over lost crops, Revant Reddy made a strong pitch against the ruling party TRS saying that govt failed in everything. 
While trying to appeal the farmers not to take away their lives over lost crops, he raised his emotional tone urging everyone to wage a war against KCR government. “There are now no human rights in the state. The government is organizing attacks on students, employees and farmers. 
As it even failed in announcing the drought mandals, is there a worse (sannaasi) government than this?” He said. “Let us bring a hope among the farmers. And don’t commit suicides, we will definitely bend the necks of KCR government and urge them pay your debts. Let us wage a war against this government” he said.