Light boy records top heroines private video

She is a popular actress in Tollywood and Kollywood, recently she even entered Bollywood but she faced a biggest flop there. She is also working on new film at Bollywood now for success but she is facing troubles with a light boy after he recording her private video and blackmailing that he will release it on web.

This news is going on wild in Bollywood and who is this actress is almost guessed by many fans of her. It is heard that a private video of her and director was recorded by light boy without their notice and he already sent her mail regarding this pics and videos and blackmailing her a huge amount of cash.

He also sent mails to director asking a huge amount of cash, will they accept for that deal or will those videos will be online very soon is worrying film industry now. Actress is also worried and not perfectly making her way in shoot. There might be any sort of news regarding this and hope you all guessed who the celebrity is.