I Like Modi, But People Don’t: Pawan

A political leader has to be very cautious while speaking to media, more particularly national media, because the impact would be nationwide and any wrong statement would send wrong signals to the people and the rival political parties.

But, Jana Sena Party chief and actor Pawan Kalyan has not learnt the art of articulation, even after making an entry into full-time politics.

His interview to the national channels – News18 and NDTV gave a wrong impression about him and lent credence to the allegations of the Telugu Desam Party leaders that he was talking at the behest of the BJP leadership.

In his interview to News18, Pawan said the Centre should extend adequate financial assistance to the state in whatever form it thinks – it can be special category status or special financial package.

It was on record and the BJP leaders quickly issued a statement saying Pawan had understood the spirit of the NDA. On the other hand, the TDP leaders said it clearly showed Pawan had gone into the hands of the BJP.

Now, Pawan says his comments were misinterpreted by the media, though it was telecast by the channel. In his twitter message, he said he never said there was no need for SCS.

“I have demanded both SCS and also the financial assistance as promised under the Act and also special assistance,” he said, creating more confusion.

In his interview to NDTV, also, Pawan made controversial statements. He said he personally likes Modi very much. But the situation has changed now, as people are angry with Modi for going back on the promises.