Logic behind Lady Amitabh’s long silence

Yesteryear tollywood star Vijayashanthi has lot of fans among movie lovers. Many are smitten by her daring and dashing skills and hail her as the Lady Amitabh of Indian Film Industry. True to the title she attained superstardom competing against top heroes during her time. Her roles in ‘Pratighatana’ and ‘Kartavyam’ are still remembered and most of the new comers dream of doing such kind of roles. At that time there was a saying that all the top heroes envied her for her stardom equivalent to them and some even postponed their film’s releases when her film was due for release.
She dabbled in politics and tried to create her own brand image and become firebrand politician. She tried her luck with BJP and then floated her own party before settling in TRS. She tried to whip up telangana passions but her wrong timing during death of babies at Nilofer Hospital backfired on her. From then on she has been maintaining stoic silence. Many wondered what was the logic behind Lady Amitabh’s long silence.
Some say she is planning to quit TRS as she doesn’t have any future as the party is fast becoming family kingdom and with KCR’s daughter Kavitha making known her political ambitions, she will soon be minimized. 
TDP and Congress parties have their own fire brand women leaders and even YSRCP. She is once again eying a home coming to BJP. It has to be seen how her stars will shine in the next assembly elections.