Lokesh’s Idea Saves Rs 700 Crore for AP

In what is considered one of the most cost-effective steps ever taken by any state government, the Government of Andhra Pradesh has come forward to use its “Big Data” in order to save its about-to-siphon-off treasure chest. The Tech Savvy Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu’s “Master Stroke” to correlate Aadhar data with the government schemes is going to regularize and streamline Public Distribution System (PDS). 
And wonder who is the man behind this innovative project, it’s none other than Lokesh. Nara Lokesh, coordinator of TDP workers’ welfare fund activities, who holds MBA degree from reputed Stanford, had first shared the idea with his dad Chandrababu who given his nod. It’s also learnt that Lokesh roped in people from Google, LinkedIn, Facebook to achieve this feat. It was first practised by father-son duo Chandrababu and Lokesh ahead of General Elections 2014 to estimate the mandate. But little did Lokesh know then that this would later help crore of public exchequer. 
Already Naidu-led government is reaping its benefits as it saved a whopping Rs 700 Crore public exchequer. By integrating Bio-metric data, issued by Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), with government services, AP government successfully eliminated several duplicate beneficiaries and minimised corruption in PDS sector. “The Aadhar data was used to wipe off duplicate entries saving Rs 700 Crore annually,” said an officer in the know. 
According to reports, the Big data analysis helped AP government to easily detect the major goof ups and irregularities. It played pivotal role in nabbing over 4000 men who were drawing Widow Pensions and were removed from the list with immediate affect. The enormous increase in white cards and bogus beneficiaries were alleged to have raised during the congress regime are now being fixed by TDP-led government with the support of Big Data. Thanks to Lokesh for saving Rs 700 Crore public money.