Mad YouTube Channels Vs Mindless Celebrities

A lady celebrity openly says that she was asked by a producer to sleep in the bed in exchange for a movie role. And many YouTube channels that mushroomed these days immediately run a story on her. To her excitement, suddenly she’s trending everywhere. There starts the building of a sand castle in the air.

Some YouTube channels will invite her for special interviews and there they will once again stress on what that producer asked exactly. They will blatantly pose her with questions like if she has really slept, or gave a thought about it, or if that producer later telephoned her or not. To all these unethical and mad questions, the mindless celebrity will still give an answer, hoping that she will get more mileage.

And the very same theory could be applied to someone like an honour-killing victim who lost her husband. She’s sitting in many YouTube channels and answering all the rubbish she’s posed with. While these mindless celebs get instant attention, the YouTube channel will generate a million views and some money.

Guess what, a month after this incident, or a month after this video gets uploaded, no one remembers this. People just move to the newly trending video and forget about this celebrity and victim. The question is, what is the use of answering worst questions and making some instant fame? YouTube channels are not in a mood to change, at least these small-time celebs should change.