Madhavi Latha To Bag Award With This?

You may have heard a common statement coming in from some of the cine folks that Tollywood has been lacking the advantage of local Telugu beauties. Most of the top league is occupied by beauties from Mumbai and Chennai. But the fact of the matter is, the Telugu starlets didn’t really get the due opportunity to prove their mettle. 
One girl who has the right spark and aptitude is Madhavilatha. Madhavilatha is not just pretty but has good acting quotient. Now, it appears that she has got the due chance through the yet to be titled new movie. This marks Dr Ghazal Srinivas as the main lead in the film. Earlier Ghazal Srinivas debuted with the film ‘Vichitram’ in Jandhyala’s direction. 
Later he appeared in ‘A Film By Aravind’ as well. This new film is based on the novel ‘Tyaagam’ written by the famous writer Chalam. Inside reports reveal Madhavi Latha has come up with an astounding performance and this would make her a very hot contender for the prestigious Nandi award for best actress. If this is true then it would be a fitting honour for this talented Telugu beauty. Here’s wishing Madhavilatha the best of success!