Madhu Shalini upset with Department Failure

These are the days Telugu girls are slowly proving their mettle and commercial strength by rocking in few happening movies. But, this dove eyed beauty got something else from the draw.
Telugu beauty Madhushalini got her much hyped flick ‘Department’ released at least and the result ultimately shocked her. ‘Rogue-Methodology’ as defined by its maker RGV failed to tickle any single sense of audience. Keeping the film’s dud story aside, our hot chick has nothing much to do in this confusing and senseless product.
Insiders are saying that Madhushalini is maintaining smile on her lips but the actual feelings inside her are exactly opposite. The sexy siren is said to be crying inconsolably for being part of this disastrous movie. Earlier she had publicized that her fate will change after ‘Department’ hits theatres and avoided few good offers.