Madhurima to shred clothes?

Beautiful actress Madhurima had striven for the girl next door image in Tollywood but that did not do good for her. She was mostly confined to second grade movies or side heroine roles. So, she decided to take the other route. For the first time, she is going to portray a complete glamourous role in a Malayalam film ‘Black Coffee’. This will be her debut film in Malayalam. Sojan Joseph is directing the film with love, action and suspense elements. Madhurima will join Sidharth Bhadran and Raveena‘Black Coffee’ which is produced by Naushad Kammauvadakkan.
Madhurima made her acting debut in Bollywood thorugh 2009 ‘Toss: A Flip of Destiny’, entered Tollywood in the same year with ‘Aa Okkadu’ and was seen in films like ‘Mouna Raagam’, ‘Saradaga Kasepu’ and ‘Orange’ (in cameo role) in the following year. The beautiful actress is presently working for Venkatesh, Srikanth, Taapsee starrer ‘Shadow’ in which she is playing a key role. This apart, the actress is doing a female lead role in Rajasekhar’s ‘Mahankali’ which is under production.