Magadheera Record is still Untouchable !?

Magadheera was released on July 31st, 2009. Almost three years passed by and it’s all time record is still untouchable. It has collected over 70 crore rupees in Telugu alone. There is no other film that came close to this figure in these three years. Dookudu collected around 55 crore rupees in full run, but couldn’t beat Magadheera’s record.
Until last year there were attempts to recreate Magadheera (Shakti and Badrinath), but it looks like the heroes and directors have given up the idea of breaking Magadheera’s record. Right now the focus of every big film is on breaking the first week record by releasing the movie in highest possible number of theaters.
Businessman and Racha did 40+ crore rupees business and now Dammu too is aiming for that mark. All these are mass films that have a certain limit and reach. Magadheera had that wow factor that helped it to go those extra miles. Until or unless some star studded film with wonderful content coupled with that wow factor arrives, Magadheera will remain a distant dream.