Why Magadheera can not be compared with others ?

When Mega Power Star Ram Charan starred in Rajamouli directed ‘Magadheera’ little did he imagine that the film would rewrite all existing tollywood records and stand tall in the industry. Later many film makers tried to recreate the magic of Magadheera with their own creativity, but they failed in their quest for miracles. Even many top heroes tried to impress upon directors to come with stories similar to Magadheera thinking that they will appeal to movie lovers. However even those failed to attract leave alone general public but even their fans.Those who burnt their fingers include Young Tiger NTR with ‘Sakthi’ and prior to that Stylish Star Allu Arjun with ‘Badrinath’.
Recently Prince Mahesh Babu came quite close to beating ‘Magadheera’ with ‘Dookudu’ before the film lost its steam. Similar was the case with Power Star who created a sensation with remake of bollywood hit film ‘Dabaang’. Gabbar Singh stunned all with its success inspite of being a remake and just when it seemed that the film will overtake ‘Magadheera’, ‘Eega’ entered in between to stall its progress. Rajamouli himself planned to overtake his own making Magadheera with tiny creature ‘Eega’ but lack of star value is proving enormous for ‘Eega’ to overfly the ‘Magadheera’ mountain.
Some wonder what is the magic of Magadheera and what other films like ‘Dookudu’, ‘Gabbar Singh’ and ‘Eega’ lacks. When Magadheera came Ram Charan was relatively new and there were no expectations on him and he stunned all with his electrifying performance. The storyline included romance, love, change of times from royal kings to rocking people which appealed to all. Two fights stood out in the film. One competition to win the hand of Princess Mitravinda and another where Magadheera kills 1000 warriors. All this generated interest which was taken to new levels by Rajamouli’s direction.
While ‘Dookudu’, ‘Gabbar Singh’ had high entertainment elements, lack of action and gripping scenes undid the films. ‘Eega’ had all elements in equal quarters, but some felt, love and romance was quite short. Lack of renowned stars stalled its flight to new horizons.