Mahaa Murthy ignites war between Brahmins and Kammas

On live television, how can one person play the audio clip of a person from one community horribly abusing another community and then expect things to be normal?This is precisely what Mahaa News anchor Murthy did recently during a debate for which he cleverly invited Kammas and Brahmins.

He then played an audio clip of Chundu Sudhakar who horribly abused the Brahmin community in unprintable words.

Naturally, the Brahmins on the show were highly incensed and were about to assault Chundu Sudhakar who was seated there but Mahaa Murthy averted the assault.Children, women and youngsters watch television. How then can Murthy play an audio clip on live television that can have implications and serious consequences far beyond the four walls of his idiotic cabin?

In an attempt to emerge as the Arnab Goswami of Telugu electronic media, this guy is unfortunately throwing all journalistic norms to the winds.