Mahesh Aims At Unseasoned Dance Moves


Superstar Mahesh is a re-inventor of himself at all the instances. Always he strives to deliver something unique, new and never-seen kind with his silver screen characters. After getting nailed for his simple dancing skills, he has silenced critics with his stunning floor moves in ‘1: Nenokkadine’. So, what’s next?

Revealing that ardent fans are complaining about his limited and subtle dances, Mahesh himself shared that he has upped the body-shaking quotient in ‘1’. Roping the best-in-town dance master, he has wonderfully projected his new style of dancing under Prem Rakshit’s choreography. Sukumar’s concept might have got blotched but Mahesh’s ‘1’ dances are a hit. Continuing the same streak, Mahesh wanted Prem Rakshit for ‘Aagadu’ too, to try unseasoned dance moves. Obeying his request, Srinu Vaitla got this talented choreographer on board again.

Currently Prem Rakshit is busy in Switzerland making Mahesh come up with twisty disco and rock. Aagadu unit is caning a couple of romantic foot tapping numbers on Superstar and Tamanna, and will wrap the shoot in a couple of days. Expect Mahesh’s newer side in Aagadu as he moves swiftly on the floor with grace, timing and rhythm.