Mahesh And Nani’s Unique 2014 Record

Two happening heroes. One is known for his super stardom and other one is minimum guarantee hero who never disappoints producers. Unfortunately they have disappointed two times back to back in the same year, scoring a unique record. You might have already understood that we are talking about Superstar Mahesh and dashing hero Nani, and their flop flicks delivered this year, 2014. 
In a bid to deliver a different type experience, Mahesh has come up with a novel film for Sankranthi 2014, Sukumar’s ‘1 Nenokkadine’. Surprisingly audiences failed to connect to the movie as they couldn’t really figure out when Mahesh is talking for real and when he is imagining inside the movie. That kept a full stop to his swing as he jumped into action since Dookudu and continued it with Seethamma Vaakitlo. To end the dry-days, ‘Aagadu’ has hit like a monsoon rain, but it didn’t even last for a weekend. 
Though a typical formulaic commercial movie, overdose of dialogues and repetition of predictable Vytla style scenes led to collapse. With these two happening, for the first time ever, Mahesh delivered two flops in the same year. Nani too experienced similar fate at box office as his delayed movie ‘Paisa’ didn’t lived up to hype. Krishna Vamsi failed to hook audiences to seats or grab their eyeballs with his unique visuals. 
That has given Nani the bigger blow, while the much hyped Yash Raj Films’ first south venture ‘Aaha Kalyanam’ too bombed with first day first show. Suddenly this promising hero has fallen into dilemma, and is on the verge of release third movie of the year, as ‘Jendapai Kapiraju’ gets ready for a release soon. Taking a stroll through the most unexpected flops of their career, these two heroes are now working hard to entertain cine lovers next year. A fall doesn’t matter, but everyone is worried if you don’t get up. Hope Mahesh and Nani bounce back strongly!!