Mahesh Babu brainwashed him

Superstar Mahesh Babu is a very positive person and also ensures that the people around him are in a positive state of mind. He strongly believes that positive attitude helps us to overcome the hurdles and also the negatives in us.
Reports say that Mahesh has infused the same theory to his brother-in-law Sudheer Babu, who is depressed after the not so impressive show of his debut film ‘SMS’ at the Box Office. Apart from encouraging Sudheer Babu saying he has that special quality in him to make it big in the Industry, the Superstar is said to have suggested him to undergo rigorous training before moving to the next project.
Apparently, Sudheer Babu scored a few brownie points for his dancing skills and the athletism shown in fights, his dialogue delivery and diction is taking a beating from the audience and the critics.
Close sources to the actor revealed that Sudheer has taken the suggestion of Mahesh seriously and is currently working on his acting skills to become a better actor. By now, Sudheer Babu might have realised that stardom is not a cake walk, even though he has two Superstar on his side to encourage and promote him!