Mahesh Babu’s Counter To Bunny!!

mahesh - bunny

Stylish star Allu Arjun became the centre of attraction on Independence Day eve as his short film is winning appreciation from all corners. Despite of hot new trailers and movies schedule for today’s release, Bunny walked away with attention. Probably if someone has countered Bunny, then definitely it is Mahesh only.

On the eve of Independence Day, Mahesh Babu’s special teaser from ‘Aagadu’ is released to feast the eyes of fans. As soon as this teaser is released, it got immense response from cine lovers. ‘Happy independence day people, always proud to be an Indian’, said Mahesh to his fans, through his micro blogging site.

There are those, however, who say that Mahesh’s Aagadu I-day teaser couldn’t be compared with Bunny’s short film ‘I Am That Change’. ‘Allu Arjun’s flick a non-profitable message oriented one, but Mahesh is just promoting his forthcoming release even on a day dedicated to patriotism’, a cine lover commented.

Whatever it maybe, there are many ways to showcase ones love for country, so let us appreciate both Bunny and Mahesh.