Mahesh Babu To Fight For Central Funds!

With teaser of “Bharat Anu Nenu” out in public already, now the picture is pretty clear as to what Mahesh will address in the movie. He’s talking about everyone being responsible for the society. And a couple of visuals indicated that he’s talking about how politicians should respect the oath they have taken.

Apparently, there are a couple of scenes in the movie that deals with CM Bharat Ram talking to Central Government about how they are denying crucial funds to Andhra Pradesh state. Reports are coming that the makers are actually worried about the Censor issue because those scenes directly deal with an attack on Central Government Of India for ignoring the best interests of former Telugu state.

If we take the current political situation in the newly formed AP state, surely there is gross injustice being meted to it by the Central Government when it comes to allocating funds and giving that special status. In this point of time, with Mahesh also likely to voice a fight for central funds makes this Koratala Siva directed political drama more interesting.

Despite Koratala Siva clearing air couple of times that his film has politics only as a bit but the whole story is something else, the teaser looks like the whole film has political agenda written all over it. We mean, Koratala’s agenda through CM Bharat for a new Andhra Pradesh!