Mahesh Babu follows Ram Charan !?

The hot topic in the Industry is Superstar Mahesh Babu’s shirtless act in Sukumar’s film. Seems like, the shy actor who never dared to take off his shirt till now, is now determined to come out of his comfort zone. For this, the star has roped in Hollywood Trainer Greg Roche, who earlier trained Brad Pitt for the film ‘Fight Club’.
Apparently, the trend of hiring a Hollywood Trainer was started by Ram Charan. He underwent strenuous workouts at world famous David Barton Gym in Miami of Florida, to get the desired shape for his upcoming film ‘Racha’.
Mahesh Babu is far ahead of Ram Charan as far as the No 1 is concerned, especially after delivering back-to-back blockbusters. But we have to wait till the release of both these films to decide who has the upper hand in the body building contest. But for now, we can assume that Ram Charan leads the show!