Mahesh Babu In Geeta Art’s Movie

If it happens, then it will surely be a rare combination. As per tinsel ville grapevine, Mahesh Babu has agreed to do a film for Geeta Arts.Right now, Mahesh is busy with Maharishi. After that he has to do a film with Mythri. Geeta Arts will happen after that. So, nothing has been finalised about story or director.

Till now, Geeta Arts has made big films with only mega heroes. If they worked with other heroes, they did small or medium-budget films. So, this will be a big film with a big star outside mega clan.But talk within industry is that Allu Arvind has decided to make a film with other big stars too. As a first step, he has decided to make a film Mahesh Babu.

It is said that when he brought up the matter with Mahesh, he is said to have given his nod. Now, Geeta Arts is in the process of getting a good director and story.Meanwhile, Geeta Arts have a film in Bunny-Vikram Kumar’s combination. After that they have a film with director Maruthi, which will be made by UV and Geeta Arts.

In all, after a lull, Geeta Arts is once again back in action!