Mahesh Babu in 1st Year Intermediate English book

The craze of Superstar Mahesh Babu is skyrocketing and there seems to be no stopping what-so-ever. The last honour for him is the mentioning of his name in the 1st Year Intermediate English book.
1st Year Intermediate English book, Page no.189, Question no.9 : Mahesh Babu is one of most popular actors. (change to comparitive degree)
In the past, the professors team hired by the government to finalize the syllabus for students, used to avoid including the names of film actors in the test books, fearing caste wars. But Mahesh has changed the entire scenario with his Universal Hero tag.
“The people of all castes and creeds show their admiration towards Mahesh. No one treats him as a hero who belongs to only one particular caste. Mahesh Babu is beyond caste!,” said a noted Director.
There might be many stars, but all of them can’t achieve this rare feat. It’s great to have a star like Mahesh in the Telugu Film Industry. Great going Superstar!!!