Mahesh Babu Is An ‘Irresponsible’ Brother

Back to back successes of this new-age superstar are prompting him to take many more challenges in the tinsel town. Now, he is an irresponsible brother. Check out the story.
Superstar Mahesh is playing the role of an ‘irresponsible’ brother in his upcoming movie. It happens to be Srikanth Addala’s ‘Seethamma Vaakitlo Sirimalley Chettu’. Someone from a family should take responsibility rather waiting for elders to give directions. Else if everyone wanders negligent then the whole family will suffer one day. This happens to be the story line of Mahesh-Venkatesh’s upcoming movie SVSC.
Till date, Mahesh is seen as a responsible person in most of his movies, including ‘Dookudu’ and ‘Businessman’. But, how fare this ‘awara’ role will be accepted by audiences is something to be seen. Insiders revealed that the director is taking more time than allotted to etch his movie as a beautiful family entertainer. Wait for it.