Mahesh Babu is a Trend Setter !

Like dad Krishna, son mahesh babu is also bringing new glory to Tollywood by setting new trends. Generally, ‘Trend’ is one word that is used in a very vast sense and film industry is more inclined to this. When applicability of this term specifically to mahesh babu is discussed, analysts feel it’s going to be nothing less than a perfect fit. Yes, may it be ‘Pokiri’ or ‘Dookudu’ or upcoming ‘Seethamma Vaakitlo Sirimalle Chettu,’ there is a strong sense of reasoning to call Mahesh as a ‘Trend Setter.’
‘Pokiri’ is one film which has set nearly 75 years of Tollywood records on fire proving the commercial stamina of a Telugu film. In fact, this is the stepping stone for ‘Magadheera’ and many more top grossing films which are creating History these days. Next in the list will be ‘Dookudu’ which attested the Star potentiality of a Hero. It’s not mandatory for any Hero to stick on for a stipulated image. ‘Dookudu’ is purely an entertaining package, where in along with Hero even Comedians and entire supporting star cast are credited the equal shares in success. Now, ‘Seethamma Vaakitlo Siriamlle Chettu’ is undeniably to start the Golden Lineage for Multi Star flicks in Telugu Film Industry. Do we need any more arguments to call mahesh babu as a Trend Setter?