Mahesh Babu Laughs At Word ‘Politics’

The bonding between film stars and their fans and the film stars with politics is quite strong in our state. Of course, with each passing day the charisma that senior heroes possessed is not being carried by the new generation heroes. However, prince Mahesh Babu has broken that jinx and today he rules the roost.
In between, there was a strong buzz that Mahesh was being wooed by the Congress party to join them and canvass for them. Given his father and uncle’s association with the party, many felt it would happen. However, the first reaction from Mahesh when asked about joining politics is a hearty laughter.
Well, Mahesh is clear that he would never go anywhere near politics. The cine folks say that after seeing the fate of Chiranjeevi anyone having brains would not venture into this dirty field. Given Mahesh’s stand on politics, it may be a while before another star will emerge from Tollywood to jump into politics.