Mahesh Babu on top of the world

Mahesh Babu’s popularity is nothing less than that of any other Superstar in the country. He can make any girl go weak in the knees through his charismatic aura. The results of Times online poll on India’s 50 Most Desirable in 2011 is a proof to his growing popularity. Notably, he is the only regional hero to feature in the Top 10 of the list. It’s this popularity that’s been attracting some of the Top Brands towards Mahesh.
Recently, Mahesh has signed a major endorsement deal with Thums Up, which will promote him from existing ‘regional (AP) face of the brand’ to ‘face of the brand all over the country’. He would be taking over the reins from Bollywood star Akshay Kumar, who served as the brand ambassador of the brand till now.
Looks like, Mahesh’s popularity has become a curse for Akshay. While Mahesh stood at 5th spot in the Most Desirable list, Akshay Kumar has to settle with the 14th place. These results had prompted the prestigious company to choose Mahesh’s side, by completely eliminating Akshay from their priority list. One man’s loss is another man’s gain, right!
Holding the upper hand over one of the most promising stars of Bollywood, even before making his foray into the Hindi film industry is a remarkable achievement. Mahesh couldn’t have asked for more and he is currently on top of the world!!!