Mahesh Babu Replaced Rajinikanth

Though it is not discussed in open, the general fact is that there has always been a divide between the north and south in the entertainment industry. So it is hard for those in the south to make their presence felt in the north. But one man broke the shackles few decades back. He is superstar Rajinikanth.
Even today, he has a mass following across the nation and many are eager to watch him onscreen. Now, it appears that a suitable replacement has come for Rajini. This is in the form of prince Mahesh Babu. Yes, Mahesh has begun to get national acceptance as south Indian superstar.
Recently he was roped in for the ad of the soft drink Thums Up and this has got a major response. Many were swooned by the looks of Mahesh and though his voice was dubbed, Mahesh made his presence felt. What remains to be seen is what would be the impact when Mahesh makes his debut in Bollywood.