Mahesh Babu uses ‘H’ for his beauty look

The one thing that mystifies many cine buffs is how prince Mahesh Babu manages to look so young. Interestingly, he is becoming more and more handsome with each film. From a long time, many have been trying through various sources to know if Mahesh goes through any skin therapy or uses special medicine.
Recently, the prince got to share his thoughts when he revealed the secret. He reportedly mentioned that the key to his young looks is him ‘Being Happy’ all the time. He maintained that he never lets anger or frustration affect him and as much as possible, he tends to keep the people around and himself in positive frame of mind.
Mahesh reiterates that if one is happy and laughs a lot it tends to show on the face and spreads the same to others. So folks, if you want to be anywhere near Mahesh in terms of young looks, you know what to do now. On the work front, Mahesh is already busy with ‘Seetamma Vaakitlo Sirimalle Chettu’.