Mahesh Babu Vs Ram Gopal Varma

They are two of a kind and come from a rather contrasting mindset. However, it appears that both tend to have the same following. We are talking about the duo of Ram Gopal Varma and Mahesh Babu and the common platform to gauge their following is the famous social networking site Twitter.

Reports say that the following for both cine members is almost same on twitter. But Mahesh Babu is a top star with handsome looks and huge following whereas RGV is a 50 year old man with only a set of flops in the recent past. So how that is possible? Well, here are few pointers given by some analysts.

They say that Mahesh’s following runs on charisma and brand image, it has more to do with the persona. But in Ramu’s case, it has to do with his philosophy and his ‘Ramuism’ approach towards life, so it is more about the person than the persona. While Mahesh stimulates the adrenalin with his presence, Ramu stimulates the grey cells of the brain with his words.