Mahesh Babu works only with Proved Directors !

Mahesh Babu is one of the few heroes who blindly believe in directors and do what they say without posing any questions. Mahesh chooses the best and successful directors and leave the rest on them. Few of them have let him down, but few did deliver and delivered big time. If you look at Mahesh Babu’s filmography, except for Bobby, none of his films are directed by newcomers.
Raghavendra Rao, B. Gopal, YVS Chowdary, Krishna Vamsi, Jayanth C Paranji, Gunasekhar, Teja, Trivikram, Puri Jagannadh, Surender Reddy, Srinu Vailta… every one of these directors have proven their mettle by the time they worked with Mahesh. Right now Mahesh is acting in two films directed by Srikanth Addala (Kotha Bangaru Lokam fame, Producer Dil Raju) and Sukumar.
Even his future films are going to be directed by either star directors or the in-form directors. Mahesh Babu clearly bets on winning horses and we can easily find out where his success lies. Mahesh doesn’t mind to work with a director who made few flops, if he had already proven his worth in the past. Mahesh Babu did Gunasekhar’s Okkadu and Puri’s Pokiri when the directors have been struggling and his confidence in them paid off. Vailta’s previous films before Dookudu didn’t live up to expectations and Puri had been running through bad form prior to Businessman.