Mahesh Confident On Two Surprise Elements?

Right from the first look to trailer, Spyder could not garner the expected craze and response. Few Fans even left comments to Murugadoss and Mahesh Babu on twitter asking not to release repeated photos each day. While there are no attractive scenes or dialogues in teaser or trailer,  Mahesh Babu and Murugadoss are heard to be super confident on Spyder scoring blockbuster without even a sign of doubt.

The reason behind their confidence seems to be two particular episodes that are not shown anywhere in trailer, as an element of surprise. The visual effects in these two scenes are heard to be of international standards and graphics work that came out well as the director and Mahesh expected it to be. These two episodes might become highlight for the whole film and that is the reason why Spyder team or Mahesh Babu ignored the negative buzz right from the beginning. One of those action episodes is a part of climax.

Well, the Spyder team feels that these scenes are sure to give goosebumps to audience and it was part of plan to keep every frame from these under wraps. Rumor mills say that the four month delay behind Spyder completion is just due to these highly expected episodes. While the repeated posters, dubbed songs and weak trailer visuals could not impress audience so far, Mahesh Babu seems to betting huge on just two quality episodes.