Mahesh Creates Record With A Flop

One of the biggest disasters of Mahesh’s career is Spyder. Well, goes without saying, even one buyer of the film hasn’t recovered from the losses as yet. But the film has once again made headlines. This time, the film will be streamed on Netflix.

Of late, it has become common for Telugu films to be aired on Amazon Prime and Hot Star. So, the news per se is no big deal.However, what makes it big news is the fact that the film will be the first Telugu film to be streamed by world’s leading platform Netflix. Starting tomorrow, the film will be available on Netflix.

However, the fact remains that the film was not only a huge disaster in theatres, but also on television.When aired on popular channels, it got the lowest ratings, which is not very surprising. So, the channel has been thinking twice about doing a repeat telecast.

Now that it will be aired on Netflix, if it clicks, then it will be huge news for Mahesh fans.