Mahesh family is serious about him

Mahesh Babu’s family is leaving no stone unturned to promote Sudheer Babu, the new born star from the ‘Superstars camp’. Sudheer is brother in law of Mahesh, and is a very enthusiastic actor. He has undergone serious training in martial arts and critical dance moves. Sudheer has exhibited all his skills in his debut film SMS.
Sudheer is getting full blown support from entire family of his in laws. Mahesh is making free time between his tight schedules to promote Sudheer. Krishna, Vijaya Nirmala and Manjula have been doing their best to register to the audience that Sudheer is from their family. Krishna and co might have noticed that there is space for Sudheer to grow as a star.
Mahesh and Krishna fans have been on a high with back to back blockbusters and Sudheer may not get better time for a launch. He should get ample support from Ghattamaneni fans as they didn’t have another hero to cheer for. Let us see if Sudheer has it in him to make a mark for himself on the celluloid.