Mahesh insults a Director! Why?

Well, Super Mahesh Babu is always known for his good deeds and soft corner fr people. But here’s one type of incident that Mahesh did and so a director was hurt deeply. Mahesh Babu accepted the proposal of doing an ad for Rainbow Children Hospital. Mahesh accepted the concept of the advertisement but was not confident about the ad. 
Even though the ad was completely shot by an ad director there was nothing much that made Mahesh impressive and Mahesh brought on his friend’s name on screen, that is Trivikram. Immediately after Trivikram was asked to do so in favor of Mahesh, Trivikram took a gap from his regular shooting and thinking of Mahesh’s commercial.
So, this depressed that director who was first chosen to be the director of the commercial. What do you think? Will this kind of talent be killed? Why is Mahesh worried even about the ad direction? Is it all about Aagadu disaster? Well, leaving the all Mahesh is presently shooting for Koratala Shiva movie that has been very much delayed. Finally, the project has headed to a regular shoot!