Mahesh & Pawan on top in Tollywood ?

New Cinema business model has come into Tollywood and there has been huge change in movie Collections. We are also seeing films crossing Rs 30 crores in first week. ‘Eega’ without hero was welcome by audience. So, 40 cr has become the benchmark for films.
But if it has to cross that mark and touch Rs 50 cr some miracle should happen. Without all that, if the film has to touch that mark then only two heroes have that stamina. They are Mahesh Babu and Pawan Kalyan.
Both have high range in domestic and overseas markets. The other heroes don’t really have that. Unless other factors also don’t come in, other heroes are not able to score in overseas. But Mahesh and Pawan have market advantage here. Even in Naizam they are very strong. In overseas, Mahesh has got an edge over Pawan. But in Ceded, north Andhra and other parts of Andhra Pawan is leading.