Mahesh Suggests Cuts And Adds Ons??

Of course, reshoots have become part and parcel of the game and director Koratala Siva is the one who believes that a film could be reshot any number of times until the desired output is achieved. But this time, he is going to re-shoot because the hero asked for changes. Is this true?

According to the grapevine, a couple of days back Mahesh Babu watched the total first cut of “Bharat Anu Nenu” without the dubbing and soundtracks done. He felt that the second half of the film needs trimming and also some add-ons should be done. For that reason, he’s said to have asked Koratala to reshoot certain scenes in the movie.

While Mahesh is said to be happy with the political confrontations scenes and action sequences, he’s said to have expressed his concerns with the romantic track involving Kiara Advani. Now Koratala Siva is said to have rewritten those scenes and will be starting the shoot tomorrow.

With his last two films failing miserably at the box office, it looks like Mahesh don’t want to take any chances with Bharat Anu Nenu. Well, like Koratala Siva said, any reshoots doesn’t matter as long as it brings terrific output. As fans need nothing short of a blockbuster, hope the team lives up to it.